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2009 Spring Grants

Each year the Batavia Foundation hosts our main fundraiser, a golf outing, in June. Throughout the year we are lucky enough to receive donations from many people who value innovation in education. In these harsh economic times even the small donations are extremely generous. The times are tough which makes it even more rewarding that the Foundation can continue to fund exciting grants that will enhance the learning of students throughout Batavia.

We don’t do this alone. Sure, we work hard to raise the money, but the ideas come from the teachers and staff in our schools. Our educators strive to motivate students and enrich their lesson plans with innovative ideas. Below are the grants the Foundation funded this spring thanks to the generosity of all those who have made donations and to all the teachers who want to help our children learn and enjoy learning.

Cooking for Independence and Academics - Rotolo Middle School
This grant is a continuation of a fall 2008 mini grant award. The original project included the purchase of a stove and sink for Special Education Inclusion students in grades 6-8. This grant provides a 30” hood vent complete with electrical supplies. The requested technology will be used for many years and will provide special needs students with the opportunity to develop independence, life/vocational skills, and academics through cooking.


Primary Document - Rotolo Middle School
The benefits of this resource center will enhance the study of social studies in grades 6-8 by providing hands-on teaching materials for units of study that have been collected to include actual letters, journals, diaries, telegrams, newspaper clips and maps to let students see and touch copies of historic documents they are studying. Also included would be a large pictorial collection of important events printed on posters that can be posted in the classroom to visually witness emotions, constructions, and living conditions of people. Each unit chosen by social studies teachers correlates with a unit taught in the present curriculum throughout the year so all students at RMS will use this resource continuously all year.


The Under-Resourced Learner - Rotolo Middle School
This project is to create a staff development course utilizing and studying Ruby Payne’s book Under-Resourced Learners and its accompanying DVD series. This course will meet eight times throughout the 2009-2010 school year. The program will be open to 20 staff members throughout the district and these teachers will participate in the eight sessions. Training will be designed to provide teachers with skills and understandings about their students that they can directly apply to their classrooms. Teachers will evaluate the educational resources the students in their classroom have, identify resources that are lacking for students, and have a greater teacher “tool box” to work from to actively teach the resources that are lacking for students in their classroom.


Love Our Reading Experiences at Louise - Louise White School
This grant will provide optimal opportunities to enhance literacy development by the personal connection to listening-while-reading selections. All K-2 teachers will choose their favorite read-aloud story and prepare a recorded CD version. CD’s will be made available to every grade level and utilized by students during their daily literacy block. Funding would provide purchasing 20 Playaways (handheld digital devices w/simplified operating procedures), CDs, and CD cases.


Books in 60 Seconds: Piloting E-books in the LRC – Batavia High School
Recent articles call students “digital natives” since the term applies to today’s students who have grown up w/technology. This proposal links reading w/technology that appeals to “digital natives” by providing Kindle 2 e-book readers w/books that are not available in the LRC. When a student wants to read a book that is not in the library connection, the LRC will be able to download the book in 60 seconds onto a Kindle 2-ebook reader and provide the title requested by a student. All high school students would benefit from the purchase of 3 Kindle 2 readers.


Teaching Students the Basic Fundamentals of Golf for a Lifetime of Health – J.B. Nelson School, McWayne School
The goal of this proposal is to incorporate new programs into the curriculum that are beyond the typical soccer, baseball and basketball units. Even though these activities are both health-enhancing and are currently being played outside of the school setting by many students, they are not activities that will be played throughout one’s lifetime. Six elementary schools (2,763 students) will participate in this program. By using SNAG (Starting New at Golf) equipment designed by former PGA player Wally Armstrong, the combination of visual imagery and word cues help students create a picture of the proper techniques needed to develop a successful swing. Funding will provide for the purchase of the necessary equipment to set up stations where small groups of students can practice the basic fundamentals of the game, then rotate from station to station to refine techniques.

A Closer Look at Freshman Integrated Science – Batavia High School
This grant provides freshman science students with an opportunity to view aspects of the current curriculum at a microscopic level. The use of ProScope technology would allow students to capture microscopic images and video of natural systems and processes, enhancing their scientific inquiry while furthering their understanding. Use of this technology will provide students with the necessary skills base for microscopic studies in biological science. ProScope is compatible with computer hardware and software currently installed in the laboratories.

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