2010 Fall Mini Grants

Each year the Batavia Foundation hosts our main fundraiser, a golf outing, in June.  Throughout the year we are lucky enough to receive donations from many people who value innovation in education.  In these harsh economic times even the small donations are extremely generous.  The times are tough which makes it even more rewarding that the Foundation can continue to fund exciting grants that will enhance the learning of students throughout Batavia.

We don’t do this alone.  Sure, we work hard to raise the money, but the ideas come from the teachers and staff in our schools.  Our educators strive to motivate students and enrich their lesson plans with innovative ideas.  Below are the grants the Foundation funded this spring thanks to the generosity of all those who have made donations and to all the teachers who want to help our children learn and enjoy learning.


Are You Choking? submitted by Laura Abraham – Rotolo Middle School
An estimated 200 children die each year from choking episodes. Rotolo Middle School is one of the few middle schools in Illinois to provide a comprehensive first aid class that includes American Red Cross certification. Funds would provide for the purchase of two adult "choking Manikins". These manikins would be used to provide a realistic experience for delivering abdominal or chest thrusts to expel an obstruction and enhance knowledge of correct location for the rescuer's hand and body location. Approximately 270 eighth graders would participate in this skill-based activity. Since the teacher for this class is certified as an American Red Cross First Aid/CPR instruction, no additional training is required.

From the Page to the stage submitted by Marnie Heim – Batavia High School
Funding would provide for the purchase of 32 copies of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead for twenty-three twelfth graders who are enrolled in AP Literature and Composition class. Students will read this modern play after Hamlet but before Death of a Salesman and will be studying two dramatic elements: tragedy and comedy. After the completion of the drama, students will participate in Socratic seminars, practice timed writings, and a problem-based learning scenario. They will use their knowledge of drama and tragedy to translate the drama to a real-world production. Students will employ blocking, set design, actor's notes, lighting, and sound effects in their scene interpretations. The plans for the BHS auditorium will be the framework from which students will build their interpretations. Students will conference with a BHS director before turning in the final assessment.


Video/Digital Cameras for Journalism submitted by Amy Biancheri – Batavia High School
Students in Journalism II: Newspaper Production class designed and implemented an online version of the Batavia High School Spectator student newspaper last year at http://spectator.bps101.net. This site has the ability to support video along with full length print articles and photos. This request is for the purchase of three Canon Powershot cameras with memory and warrantees so that students may add video to their online reporting, adding depth and dynamism to their work. This award will impact approximately 100 to 120 students in grades 9-12

Boardmaker software submitted by Joleen Batek and Joanne Zillman – Batavia Public Library
The Batavia Public Library is in the process of developing programs designed for children ages 3-6. These children have been identified with developmental delays and autism spectrum disorders. The Library has added a Fine Motor Skills bag and other fine motor related manipulatives for use in the Library and for check-out, and also expanded the collection of Parent-Teacher resources to support families and teachers working with children on the autism spectrum. This award to purchase Boardmaker software would be made available to Library patrons, particularly Batavia School District 101 parents and teachers, to use at the Batavia Public Library.


Let's Get Digital submitted by Nicole Pappanduros – Grace McWayne School
Funding would provide for the purchases of a Kodak Megapixel Digital Camera, tripod, memory card and flash drive to be used by approximately 90 students in the 5th grade. Students will be able to make their own cartoon short by setting up their shots, import their images into Movie Maker and edit their work. When a student leaves McWayne School, a CD will be made of all their art images up to that point so they will have a digital record of their work. For example, if a student stays at McWayne School from kindergarten through 5th grade, he/she will be able to make a presentation that includes every artwork project they've completed during their tenure at the school.

Book Trailers: Promoting Reading with Video – Batavia High School
This proposal would capitalize on students' interest in technology and video production to interact with literature in new ways by creating book trailers. The LRC and an English teacher will pilot a project in which students create book trailers that promote books for recreational reading. The completed trailers will be shown on a large screen and students in the pilot will enhance their reading and visual literacy skills by watching the trailers, thereby encouraging recreational reading to popular books. From the students' point of view, creating videos is an engaging activity that utilizes technology. From an educational point of view, reducing a 200-page novel into a 2-minute video requires students to thoroughly comprehend, prioritize, think critically, and utilize visual literacy skills. Funding will provide for three Flip Ultra, 3rd generation cameras and three protective cases.

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