2010 Spring Grants

Each year the Batavia Foundation hosts our main fundraiser, a golf outing, in June.  Throughout the year we are lucky enough to receive donations from many people who value innovation in education.  In these harsh economic times even the small donations are extremely generous.  The times are tough which makes it even more rewarding that the Foundation can continue to fund exciting grants that will enhance the learning of students throughout Batavia.

We don’t do this alone.  Sure, we work hard to raise the money, but the ideas come from the teachers and staff in our schools.  Our educators strive to motivate students and enrich their lesson plans with innovative ideas.  Below are the grants the Foundation funded this spring thanks to the generosity of all those who have made donations and to all the teachers who want to help our children learn and enjoy learning.

Rotolo Middle School
Grant: Physical Education Foundational Fitness - submitted by Derrick Whitwell, Adrian Rios, April Stary, and John Canfield
What: Resistance band system of exercise equipment
Who will benefit: All students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade
Amount Awarded: $6,590.00

Batavia High School
Grant: Kill-A-Watt Energy Conservation: Saving Resources, Saving Money - submitted by Doug Drexler (RJAC) and Mary Jane Tupper
What: Environmental Science Courses: 1) Expanded Home Energy Audit Project – as part of this activity, students would be able to incorporate actual electricity usage to the comprehensive analysis that they complete and 2) Alternative Energy/Solar House Project – students would utilize the Big 6 research inquiry method to collect data and present their findings on the efficiency and effectiveness of different sources of power.
Who will benefit: Approximately 375 students per year would utilize the Kill-A-Watt devices.
Amount Awarded: $972.00

Batavia High School
Grant: The Green Screen Effect - submitted by Holly Deitchman, Station Mgr/BAT, and Scott Larson
What: The green screen in the BATV studio allows students to create endless amounts out-of-studio scenes in the studio environment.
Who will benefit: Grades 9-12 in the Broadcasting Communications classes.
Amount Awarded: $1,526.04

Rotolo Middle School
Grant: Real Learning, Write Now! - submitted by Deborah Nelson, Kim Oswald, and Julie Sengenberg
What: 3 document cameras
Who will benefit: Writing class of 6th grade students
Amount Awarded: $936.00

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