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“Anne is Unconscious! Get the AED!” submitted by Laura Abraham and Deb Clasen  – Rotolo Middle School


Emergency First Aid has been offered as an 8th grade Exploratory class for over 15 years.  The American Red Cross revised its CPR training to include AED skills as a mandatory part of certification. RMS First Aid teachers have been teaching AED use for the past 6 years and thanks the Batavia Foundation for providing their first AED trainer!  Because of new guidelines in teaching AED, a combination AED trainer/manikin would provide the more “real” experience needed for students.  Funding would provide for a training system, additional training pads, and shipping expense.  Approximately 270 eighth grade students participate in this CPR/AED training each year.




iConnect in EC submitted by Allison Phillips-Zabelin – Alice Gustafson School Early Childhood


Funding would provide for a continuation of iPads made possible by the Batavia Foundation for use with students in speech and language therapy, as well as in the classroom environment.  Results and feedback from students and parents have been very positive. The iPads have been successful for use as an intervention strategy to help educate children in various ways.  Social workers and other professionals are using the iPads as a device to implement fun and interactive ways to learn, practice, and acquire new skills. Approximately 100-110 students in the early childhood department would have opportunities to use the iPad as part of therapy and/or educational activities.  The request is for an iPad, case, and applications via iTunes gift card.



A Snap Shot into Food Styling and Photography submitted by Amy Powell and Kelly Bennett – Rotolo Middle School


Learning about food is fun and it becomes more interesting when students can apply their knowledge with creativity.  Students would watch a video about the career of a food stylist and video highlights include required education, type of personality for the job, salary, job positives and negatives.  Students would also be involved in viewing a clip from a food stylist who works at the Food Network.  Photos would be taken of a prepared recipe and  printed, so students could make posters and design packages w/the pictures of their product.  Funding provides for the purchase of 4 digital cameras, cases, and SDHC cards.   Approximately 350 students would participate in this activity throughout the school year.




Real Sky – Real Well Being submitted by Kelly Cook and Monica Hubble – Rotolo Middle School


Sky image replacement light panels would be installed in the windowless spaces at Rotolo Middle School.  These ceiling panels would replace the current light panels in the library’s computer lab and give the feeling of a skylight in the room.  This environmental enhancement would specifically benefit student’s attitude and testing ability in the lab,ie:  MAPS, ISAT, Quia and other assignments. Currently the school has no sky image panels and these spaces are rather dreary and sterile.  Funding provides for purchasing 16 panels for the computer lab only.  All students (1500 +) and staff would benefit from this award.



Bullying Prevention submitted by Amy Henrikson – Batavia High School


Bullying may be the most frequent form of school violence.  Batavia Public Schools can take specific steps to improve the school climate and encourage positive interactions to reduce or prevent bullying by purchasing a documentary about girl-on-girl bullying.  This documentary was filmed by two young women from Pepperdine University who traveled across the country interviewing women and girls about their lives and experiences.  This film would assist students in acquiring knowledge and skills related to the five core competencies of the social and emotional learning (SEL) framework, and may encourage participants to join the “Kind” Campaign and begin a student-led anti-bullying movement. All middle school and high school students, parents and community members would be invited to view this film.  Funding provides for the screening of “Finding Kind” and advertising costs.



I kulele, U kulele submitted by Mary Jensen  – Alice Gustafson School


Funding would provide for the purchase of 8 Ukulele bundles (8 ukuleles, gig bags and books) for the general music classroom.  These ukuleles would be used in class as a unique tool for teaching our music curriculum.  Ms. Jensen knows how to play this instrument and has trained all of the elementary music teachers about teaching a classroom guitar program.  This program has become a successful avenue of delivering music instruction and has grown at AGS (beginning 8 years ago) and has grown to 3 (possibly now 4) schools in the district. .


What Time Is It? submitted by Nancy Hubbard, Sara Meyer and Vicky Amesquita – McWayne School


By living in a digital world, digital clocks appear on microwaves, phones, computers, and iPads.  Many times teachers are asked by high school students as to the time, since they “can’t read that kind of clock.”  A number of students state that no analog clocks exist in their homes.  Included in the time-telling lessons not only reads the time on the clock, but also determines the amount of elapsed time.  Analog time helps students develop abstract, perceptual, and cognitive skills that they still need in a modern digital world.  Funding would privide for the purchase of two class sets (32 per set) of small geared clocks for use in time-telling lessons and activities throughout the year.




Lacrosse for the Elementary Student  submitted by Rhonda Gamlin – J.B. Nelson School


This proposal would benefit elementary students who would learn the fundamental skills that are needed to participate in this sport.  Lacrosse is a sport that uses the skills of catching, scooping and throwing while moving.  Older students participate in Lacrosse but it would also benefit the younger students since they would learn these same skills.  By adding this new activity to the elementary curriculum, teachers are able to reinforce the skills of catching and throwing through another medium.  Approximately 220 students in K-2 will use the scoops and balls while 240 students in 3rd – 5th grade will use the Lacrosse equipment.  Project budget includes the purchase of 3 sets of Lacrosse equipment and another 3 sets of scoops and balls.




            Windows & Mirrors: Fighting Bullying with Books submitted by Daniel Russo

            Batavia High School


            This project is based on the premise that students can gain an understanding of others and             themselves through reading.    The LRC will purchase, promote, and utilize a collection of

            books about bullying.  Some of the books will serve as mirrors that help readers see their             own situations while other books will serve as windows that help readers see into the mind of             bullies or their victims. Having a set of carefully-selected fiction and non-fiction books on             the topic of bullying will enable the LRC to connect students with books.  Funding would             provide for the purchase of approximately 35 books.




            Security and Efficiency: Protecting our Technology Garden submitted by Steve Cronin –

            Alice Gustafson School


            Over the last 2 years, The Batavia Foundation has helped second grade students at Grace

            McWayne and Alice Gustafson schools move to the forefront of tablet technology in the             classroom.  This continuation proposal is for the purchase of an iPad storage and charging

            System that would help protect the investment that the Foundation made in this technology

            and students during the last two years. Presently, the iPads are stored in a classroom cabinet             that has a less than adequate lock.  This System would allow students easy and safe access to             the iPads and students would be responsible for taking their iPads out of the storage cabinet             and placing them back into their correct charging slot at the conclusion of each lesson.



Seating Disc Proposal submitted by Mark Montgomery, Mary Alice McVean, and Angela Carlson – Rotolo Middle School


Since students are required to sit for long periods of time, 40 minutes or more, this can be a challenge, especially for students with Attention Deficit Disorder.  However, this is not exclusive to IEP students since some students are affected for a variety of reasons from lack of sleep to lack of physical outlet and would benefit from these seating discs.  Significant

information gathered from a pre-survey showed that 78% of students claimed they can stay on task in the classroom and stay seated for 40 minutes.  To go along with that, 65% of students claimed they would benefit from a tool that would allow movement in their seats.  This information contradicts the previous claim of staying on task.  Furthermore, 69% of the

students who actually tested the seat reported that they like it.  Funding would provide for

the purchases of 39 seating discs and 8 seating wedges.



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