2014 Spring Grants

Congratulations to our 2014 Spring Grant Recipients!


Early Childhood-Batavia Apartment Literacy Activities submitted by Leeann Rodriguez, Marilyn Horbus, and Jayne McCulloch – Early Childhood


There are 136 children under the age of 5 years old residing at the Batavia Apartments.  Of those, 106 children are between the ages of 2 and 5 years old.  While 16 children attend Two Rivers Head Start Preschool and 14 attend Early Childhood, many will not have access to preschool activities that their peers will have had for their learning and success in the kindergarten classroom.  This award will provide Early Childhood Story Time for these children to expand and enrich their language development skills, from following directions, to listening and learning basic concepts through exposure to age-appropriate literature and activities.  Parent education is another component within this Story Time.   


Amount:     $913.09




Virtual Coaching submitted by Laura Foote – Rotolo Middle School


Virtual coaching is a strategy wherein an instructional coach records a video of the teacher’s lesson; annotates the lesson with questions, observations, and feedback; shares the annotated recording with the teacher for individual reflection; and then meets with the teacher to co-reflect and plan for future lessons using what was learned in the process. Other coaches also provide Video Support Clinics where teachers are invited to share short video clips with other teachers to gain insight to teaching.  All RMS teachers at every grade level and discipline will have access to Virtual Coaching.  Equipment purchased would be an iPad Mini, Lavaliere microphone, and Tripod/stand.


                                    Amount:    $788.19                



Garden with a purpose submitted by Christopher Payton – Batavia High School


Funds for this grant will be used to prepare, build, and maintain a garden.  The hope is that the time and effort the students put in, will cause a more vested interest in coming to school and staying on the campus grounds.  This would give students the opportunity to see a long-term project through from start to finish, from planting the seeds to eating the harvest.  The garden would be most active in spring and fall while winter time would be used to prepare and plan for the growing season.  The goal of this project is not simply to have a garden and grow vegetables but to teach students:  teamwork, focus, follow through, and working toward long term goals.  They will research which items are best for the garden based on factors like best for the area, highest production, growing season and ease of growth.  Students in the Developing Opportunities program struggle with academic achievement often caused by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, low tolerance for frustration, and social/emotional issues.  The garden will give them an opportunity to take a meaningful and productive sensory break.


                                                Amount:    $739.22


One Book, One Batavia 2015: Manhunt by James L. Swanson submitted by Daniel Russo - Batavia High School, and Jo Ann Smith –President of Friends of Batavia Public Library


The year 2015 will mark the 150th anniversary of the United States Civil War, and One Book.  In 2015, Batavia will recognize this important event by encouraging everyone in Batavia to participate in the all-city reading program featuring James L. Swanson’s Manhunt: The Twelve-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer or the young adult version of this same story, Chasing Lincoln’s Killer: The Search for John Wilkes Booth.  This project will bring James L. Swanson, award-winning author, to Batavia for the finale presentation of One Book, One Batavia 2015.  The Friends of Batavia Public Library were able to negotiate a significant discount on Mr. Swanson’s normal speaking fee.  This proposal is requesting funds to cover Mr. Swanson’s travel costs and related programming expenses.  Other expenses are being covered by the Library.


                                                Amount:  $1,500.00


Digital Age School Library submitted by Diane Kispert – H.C. Storm School


Librarians in our district currently look to journals, articles, professors, and other librarians to find information to help in determining the resources our digital age school libraries need to invest in.  As Common Core standards are adopted, student’s skills need to change to be better prepared for college and careers.  Technology is embedded into many of the standards.  Students need to be immersed in navigating, evaluating, and creating information using a range of technologies to meet rigorous standards.  These tablets will be used in a variety of ways based on the grade level of the students.  All students at HC Storm will be using the tablets (approximately 458 students).   


                                                Amount: $4,606.00



Baggie Books submitted by Jodi Bird – H. C. Storm School


Baggie Books are leveled books that would be available to the first grade students and are designed to help them develop and build on their reading skills as well as supporting them in their reading development.  This program allows each first grader to take home an appropriate leveled book to read every night. The Baggie Book program would give all students equal access to appropriate books for at home reading regardless of a household’s income level.  This proposal will benefit all 70 first grade students at H.C. Storm School.


                                                Amount: $2,500.00


Using Technology to Improve Student Feedback in the Classroom submitted by Kalah Jenkins and Colleen Puttin – Louise White School


This proposal would provide for the purchase of two sets of MimioVotes and MimioView Document Cameras for use in two of the three first grade classrooms at Louise White School.  This project will help to create the “hinge that swings the information about goals and progress between teacher and student.”  Teachers help students by teaching them to use feedback, learning to self-assess, and become more engaged in learning..  This proposal will assist in creating a deeper and richer method of making a continual loop of learning and growing for both students and teachers.  Currently, the project participants will include 57 first-grade students at Louise White School but this technology will benefit 100% of the future first-grade students for many years to come.  One teacher in this group already has a Mimio Vote, 32 handsets and a camera.


                                    Amount: $3,996.00



HP Chromebook II for JBN 5th Grades submitted by Karen Skar – J.B. Nelson School


This proposal would provide for the purchase of 30 HP Chromebook 11’s for use in each of the four classrooms.  This will enable students to use this technology across several subject areas, including but not limited to math, reading, and writing.  This Chromebook is similar to a laptop but far more user friendly and accessible.  Chromebooks in the classroom would allow students constant access for practicing skills at differentiated levels.  The apps that are available offer a magnitude of opportunities to enhance and showcase a student’s work. Students would be more actively participating in their own learning.


                                    Amount:  $10,000



Math Workshop Station: Tech Time submitted by Nancy Hubbard, Sara Meyer, and Eric Guth – Grace McWayne School


The purchase of 18 Chromebooks would be made possible from this grant proposal.  In 2014, teachers will be fully implementing Common Core Math and are already working on lessons now as well as formative and summative assessments.  While also teaching the standards, “Math Workshop” also called “Guided Math” will be starting.  This model of Chromebook has a touch screen which would help in ease of use for the third grade students.  These devices offer other uses in the literacy area as well.  Funding would provide for the purchase of 18 Chromebooks and 74 third grade students would benefit from this technology.


                                                Amount: $5,399.82

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