Congratulations to our 2015 Spring Grant Winners!

The Batavia Foundation for Educational Excellence announces the awarding of grants to Batavia Public School teachers:

Pretty Darn Real CPR submitted by Laura Abraham (Rotolo Middle School) $1,264.45

                  This proposal will provide for the purchase of 3 more realistic manikins for students to practice and improve upon their CPR techniques.  These manikins are more “realistic looking” since they represent a more typical cardiac arrest victim who might be overweight or elderly.


Moving with the Brain in Mind submitted by Nicole Pappanduros, Bethany Rutsay, Annie Hlavin, Marcie Marzullo (Grace McWayne School) $1,049.65

                  Students with sensory and attention needs benefit from simulated movement to focus their attention and allow them to be ready to learn.  Utilizing stability balls in classrooms for students with and without sensory needs can benefit all areas of academics, social and emotional learning and self-advocacy.  This proposal requests the purchase of 35 six-leg ball chairs to be used in the Art and Wellness classes.


Summer School—LEGO WeDo Engineering submitted by Marcie Marzullo and Zac Craft (HC Storm School)  $2,834.95

                  The LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set is an easy-to-use set that introduces young students to robotics when combined with the LEGO Education WeDo Software and Activity Pack.  Students will be able to build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors; program their models; and explore a series of cross-curricular, theme-based activities while developing their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as language, literacy, and social skills.  Students in grades 2-3 who sign up for the summer school enrichment class will benefit from this activity pack as well as 4th grade science students since these packs will be incorporated into the science curriculum.


Adventure Education submitted by Sara Thomas and Ryan Farwell (Batavia High School) $6,915.00

                  This Traverse Wall is a combination of a modified Pamper Pole, Flying Squirrel, and the Dangling Duo activities.  This is a change from a traditional physical education program and more of a course into Adventure Education and Lifetime Activities.  These peer pursuit challenges are essential for students to experience 10 stages toward helping others and enhance positive character development.  Students will experience acquaintance activities, ice breakers, fair play communication, problem solving, and trust.


Improve Seating—Improve Learning submitted by Julia Parkhurst, Joyce Elliot, Courtnay Ozanne, Rachel McMahon, and Audrey Slana (Louise White School)   $2,269.39

                  This proposal will provide for the purchase of 20 stability ball chairs for use in ESL, Reading Resource, Speech, and two Special Education classrooms.  Also included will be an additional 10 balls to be used in general educational classrooms as needed/requested by classroom teachers.  The availability of ball chair seating will give students the opportunity for necessary movement without disruption to the lesson.


A Sensory Smart Classroom submitted by Debbie VonOehsen, Jill Maercker, Chad Clarey, and Barb Spence (Grace McWayne School)  $2,761.78

                  Teachers know they need to engage students’ bodies in a variety of ways and the stability balls are just one way they can meet that need.  The balls provide and engage students in regular movement.  The brain learns best and retains the most when it is actively and physically involved in the sights and materials in the classroom.  This actually leads the brain to crave answers and students use their body to learn.  This proposal provides for the purchase of 90 stability balls and 2 high-pressure air pumps.


Making Their Mark:  Bringing Printmaking into the Elementary Classroom submitted by Nicole Pappanduros, Theresa Fontana, Michelle Bach, Laura Starzec, Brian Schulze, and Joseph Casparian (Elementary Art Teachers)   $1,080.00

                  This project will provide one class with a set of 8x10 Gelli Art printing plates to the elementary art teachers and will rotate between the schools each year.  These art plates will be the vehicle with which students will be introduced to concepts such as printmaking vocabulary and procedure, texture and positive & negative space.  This Gelli Art printing plate has an extremely sensitive surface that imprints any texture that is applied to it. 


Update & Improve Audio Quality of Physical Education Classroom submitted by Greg Fink and Gina Greenwald (Hoover-Wood School)  $5,872.00

                  This proposal is a continuation grant to enhance student learning during all classes conducted in the gym by reducing high noise levels, improving sound amplification, and modifying present acoustics.  This will be used for PTO sponsored events, HWS school musicals, and HWS Dance Festival and the HWS PTO is providing matching funds to complete the funding of this project.


Making Discoveries with 3D Printing in the LRC submitted by Daniel Russo (Batavia High School)  $3,679.00

                  A 3D printer makes physical objects by depositing multiple layers of plastic to create a three-dimension project.  The printer transforms 2D ideas into 3D objects.  This project has 2 components—the LRC will provide orientation classes during PLC and Bulldog time periods so that students receive instruction in the basics of 3D printing and then will be able to explore the technology on their own; and the LRC will loan this printer to other teaching areas to explore its potential, in particular Art and Career & Tech Education.


BFEE Awards grants twice each year – in the fall, grants may not exceed $700 and there is no monetary limit to spring grants.  Grants funded in October 2014 provided $3025 to fund innovative projects that support district adopted curriculum and today’s awarding of $27,726.22 increased the total for 2014-2015 to $35,751. Grants have been awarded to all eight district schools and have had a major impact on general education classrooms, specials (art, physical education, music), special education services, and summer school programs.  BFEE commends BPS staff for writing grants to obtain funds to enhance the education of all students in Batavia Public Schools.  This is the mission of BFEE, this is why BFEE exists and this is what makes our efforts to raise money to support our students so worthwhile.





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