2018 Grant Recipients

The Foundation funded 8 grants this spring, totaling $23,180.93. Grants were awarded based on a number of factors, including uniqueness, impact on the teaching/learning environment, number of students impacted, and alignment with BPS101 goals and priorities. Congratulations to the following grant recipients to be honored at the May 1st Board of Education Meeting:


  • "How Can We Help?  Supporting Students with Social Emotional Needs"  Aimee Miller - Batavia High School
    • ​The social emotional wellness of students is always a priority.  This grant will fund the purchase of an e-book and print copy collection of resources to support mental wellness of students.  The collection includes a wide range of topics including ADD, ADHA, alcohol, anorexia, anxiety, bulimia, caregiving, cutting, depression and where to go or how to find help.  The e-books offer privacy through accessing the content from their own device and the traditional books for those students who prefer traditional books.
  • "High Interest Classroom Books for DEAR: Year 2"  Cara Schuster and Kelly Cook - Rotolo Middle School
    • ​The RMS reading culture PLC has a mission to create a reading community within the school.  DEAR time (independent reading time: Drop Everything And Read) encourages this culture.  Last year, BFEE funded a grant to purchase high interest books for every 6th grade classroom to encourage student participation.  Due to the success of the program, this grant will fund high interest books for the 7th grade classrooms.
  • "Number Sense Using Numicons"  Jennifer Torgerson and Jodi Bird - HC Storm
    • ​First grade common core standards call for students to add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 10.  Numicon manipulatives will enhance the current math curriculum.  These shapes can be combined in many ways to provide visual and tactile practice in addition and subtraction, as well as quantity recognition (subitizing).  They are arranged in a way to help students anchor number bonds to 10 with the innovative stacking frames and develop arithmetic through multi-sensory learning.  
  • "Retooling Learning:  Innovation Through Invention"  Sue Palombella and Sue Sokolinski - Grace McWayne School
    • ​This grant will fund phase two of GMS Innovation Station, stocking tools and building materials like screwdrivers, hammers, saws, pliers, and more.  With these tools, students will be able to construct and deconstruct projects.  The work at the station should be full of focus and purpose allowing students to generate new and innovative ideas in STEM.
  • "Adidas Zone IHT Spirit System Heart Rate Monitors"  Jim Lau - Louise White School
    • ​A class set of wrist style Adidas Zone IHT Spirit System Heart Rate Monitors will be purchased for the physical education class.  The monitors provide instant feedback letting students know if they are are exercising in their target heart rate.  Students will scan the monitors before use (reader is linked to the teacher's computer) allowing students and teacher to track progress and set new goals.  The data will help the teacher plan effective lessons in which students are spending the most time possible engaged in moderate to vigorous activity.  
  • "Building a Foundation for Success!"  Cassie Ideran - Louise White School and Kristine Scheffert - Alice Gustafson School
    • ​Purchase of a mobile magnetic wall, discovery ramp pack, along with the baby swiss cheese towers to open-ended exploration and problem solving.  Although designed for kindergarten students, the materials could easily be used throughout the school since the wall is easily portable.  Students will get opportunities to collaborate, build and reflect preparing them to think critically and problem solve.  They will also experience failures within their building supporting growth in perserverance, collaboration and problem solving skills.
  • "RMS Fab Lab"  Kelly Cook and Nicole Kitzmiller - Rotolo Middle School
    • ​This grant will help convert a deconstructed computer lab into a Future Ready Library, providing the space and resources where students are encouraged to have self-directed creative discovery.  The Fab Lab will include building, coding, engineering, and art supplies.  Students can utilize this indepentently during XTime or afterschool.  Teachers can use the lab as an extension of their instruction.  Rotating challengs will be offered for all to participate.  
  • "Engaging and Empowering Learners Through Guided Math"  Julia Parkhurst and Ashley Case - Louise White School
    • ​This project will begin to build a modern math library of manipulatives, games and other necessary math materials which will be used throughtout the school.  Guided math benefits students in multiple ways: tailoring instruction to individual needs, building engagement, boosting student ownership by providing choices, and providing hands on math practice opportunities.  


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